older gentleman in need of joint pain reliefMillions of Americans live with chronic joint pain every year. Sadly, many of the prescription medications we use to treat chronic pain carry a high risk of physical dependence. The following discusses how dealing with chronic pain can lead to substance abuse. Also, the information highlights the importance of joint pain relief while undergoing substance abuse treatment.

Why is Chronic Pain Problematic?

Chronic pain is debilitating because it continues for weeks, months, or years, without letting up. As a result, it can impact every aspect of a person’s life. Accomplishing effective joint pain relief occurs with the use of various medications that can set the stage for tolerance and dependence to happen.

The Connection between Chronic Pain and Drug Dependence

Powerful prescription medications such as opioids were primarily intended for short-term use. The longer someone relies upon these drugs for joint pain relief, the more likely they will develop a physical dependence. Since chronic pain lasts for months or even years, there is a very high risk for developing a dependence on prescription painkillers. When a person decides to seek professional help for their drug dependence, they often fare best when they get assistance from a qualified pain treatment center.

Joint Pain Relief During Substance Abuse Treatment

Dealing with chronic pain can often prevent people from seeking help for their substance abuse issues. For the most part, an understanding exists that this ache will become harder to bear as medication use reduces. This can make the treatment and recovery process seem even more difficult than it needs to be. A quality treatment facility with experience in helping people deal with chronic pain can be extremely beneficial. These professionals will understand the skills and techniques required to provide joint pain relief while allowing the person to recover from dependence.

Signs of a Prescription Pain Reliever Problem

Since substance abuse issues can manifest themselves in different ways, how can you recognize the signs of a problem? The following are signs of dependence on prescription pain medications:

Seeking Multiple Doctors

Many people who develop a dependence on prescription painkillers will seek treatment from multiple doctors. This is because opioid medications are controlled substances. As a person requires more of these drugs to experience pain relief, they may seek treatment from several medical professionals, so they don’t run out of medication.

Building Up a Tolerance

Those who use prescription medications for an extended time can build up a tolerance to them. This means that their body will get used to the physical effects the drug creates. Individuals will subsequently need to take more of the medication to experience the same results. In time, this vicious cycle can lead to a physical dependence on the medication. As a result of dependence on the drug, the person will experience severe withdrawal symptoms if they attempt to cut back or stop using.

How Driftwood Recovery Can Help

Driftwood Recovery is a Texas pain management and addiction treatment center. Located in Driftwood, Texas, this facility provides numerous tools and programs that target the needs of each individual. Innovative programs and comforting amenities allow for self-reflection and healing to begin.

Don’t allow chronic pain or addiction to control your life or dictate your future. You can overcome by seeking treatment from a quality rehab facility. Contact Driftwood Recovery at 866-426-4694 to find out how we can help.