We’re currently facing an opioid epidemic in the United States, and this comes in the form of both prescription pills and heroin. The opioid epidemic began with the highly addictive drug OxyContin, which drug companies marketed as being non-addictive. Although there are many restrictions on these medications now, people with chronic pain still have addictions. This is one of the main reasons why it’s important to get holistic pain relief to begin healing.

Addiction and Holistic Pain Relief

A man holds his head in his hands as he considers holistic pain relief in txDoctors give narcotic pain medications to people in the hopes of alleviating chronic pain or pain after an injury. Some people have such persistent pain that doctors may give them months and months of addictive medications. The problem is that they develop a tolerance and dependence to these drugs, and it causes problems. Not only are there massive health risks, but addiction causes personal and professional issues as well.

The issue is that in our Western society of modern medicine, doctors are far too quick to prescribe these medications. The reality is that many people see great benefits from getting holistic pain relief in TX and the rest of the world. The United States prescribes over 80 percent of the world’s opiate supply, so we know that there are other solutions. If you’re someone struggling with any of the following substances, holistic pain relief can help:

  • Codeine
  • Morphine
  • Methadone
  • Fentanyl
  • Dilaudid

Why Holistic Pain Relief?

The disease of addiction is extremely cunning and powerful, which is why many people can’t quit. Addiction inhibits a part of your brain responsible for survival, so you begin thinking you need these medications to live. With the way prescription pain medications work, your brain begins to intensify the pain you’re feeling. It does this to make you want to continue taking the medications that release dopamine.

One of the primary problems with these medications is that they aren’t designed to heal your pain in any way. All these medications do is lessen the pain with the enormous risk of addiction and potential overdose. Holistic pain relief in TX provides you the opportunity to begin healing your pain without masking it with medications. While medications can be beneficial, there are many ways to alleviate chronic pain.

When you receive the pain management Dallas residents trust, you go through a variety of different holistic therapies. These therapies can include everything from non-narcotic medications, to physical therapy, yoga, and acupuncture. Through these methods, you’ll begin to see that your pain is not only manageable, but it is less intense. For example, meditation and yoga have shown great results because they help change your relationship to pain. When you’re able to change your relationship to the pain, you see how much strength you actually have without narcotic medications.

Overcoming Addiction with Holistic Pain Relief

As you’re receiving holistic pain relief in TX, you’re also going to learn how to overcome your addiction. Anyone who struggles with addiction also has other issues that make you want to use drugs regularly. The goal of addiction treatment is to help you learn how to face life without having to turn to addictive substances. Through treatment, you’re going to learn how the stresses of everyday life have been fueling your substance abuse.

When you’re in treatment, you’ll work with a therapist who will help you identify your triggers. From here, a licensed therapist will offer a wide range of ways you can cope with life without the use of drugs. You’ll also receive a great amount of support because you’ll be with others seeking holistic pain relief as well. Your peers in treatment will be there to motivate you and support you when you need it the most.

If you’re looking for holistic pain relief, Driftwood Recovery can help you begin a new life. Through our treatment center, you’ll be able to overcome your addiction and rebuild your relationships. Not only do we offer holistic pain relief in TX, but we also provide the following therapies:

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