Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition marked by muscular pain, fatigue, and tenderness. All too often, fibromyalgia is treated exclusively with potent painkillers, some of which can be addictive. Fortunately, there are options for fibromyalgia treatment that can bring comfort and relief without drugs. At Driftwood Recovery, you can access comprehensive, quality care for your fibromyalgia.

Understanding the Emotional Aspect of Pain

Doctor Explaining Fibromyalgia Treatment to ClientA quality pain treatment center will understand that pain is not entirely physical. In fact, as much as 70% of physical pain is actually the emotional response to the idea and feeling of pain. Of course, this doesn’t make pain something you can ignore, but it does point to the necessity of psychological treatment for pain relief.

The quick fix for fibromyalgia is to take as many painkillers as a physician will prescribe. In the short term, this can seem like a viable option. After all, strong painkillers will numb the physical pain, at least temporarily.

However, what happens over time is a lot less positive. To start, many fibromyalgia patients eventually become addicted to their prescription pain medications. This is especially likely if the medications contain opiates. Long-term use increases tolerance, which means that patients will have to take increasingly large doses of the medicine to keep away their pain.

Worse still, certain prescription painkillers can actually increase the body’s sensitivity to pain. Taking a painkiller might provide temporary relief, but a few hours later, you might feel worse than before. This creates a dangerous cycle where some individuals are tempted to use increasing numbers of painkillers, which can cause an overdose or an addiction.

Avoiding the Risk of Addiction

There’s a strong link between fibromyalgia treatment and addiction. Doctors and physicians prescribe a whole host of medications to deal with the pain. They might take antidepressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and even opioid painkillers. Sometimes, individuals take multiple drugs simultaneously every day.

At Driftwood Recovery, we know that fibromyalgia treatment doesn’t have to include addictive painkillers. We help patients make choices that will lead to pain relief and comfort, but not to addiction. Adding a prescription drug addiction on top of fibromyalgia will only make things worse overall.

As you search for fibromyalgia treatment, be wary of any facility that emphasizes their pharmacological treatment. While medications certainly have their place, they should never be the first strategy for long-term health and wellness.

Fibromyalgia Treatment at Driftwood Recovery

There are several effective ways to manage pain without prescription medication. When individuals seek help at Driftwood Recovery, they will begin the process with a full fitness assessment, physical evaluation, and mental health checkup. This helps determine what pain recovery program will be best.

In some cases, patients will need addiction treatment programs. This is necessary for those who are reliant on opioid painkillers, or other prescription drugs, and are ready to break free from this dependence.

Patients can also utilize any of the following, all of which are available at Driftwood Recovery:

Finding a Variety of Program Formats and Styles

No two patients are alike, and no two patients require the same fibromyalgia treatment program. Patients should be able to choose between a range of formats including residential programs, family residential programs, intensive outpatient programs and extended care programs.

Treating fibromyalgia doesn’t have to mean a dependence on prescription drugs. At Driftwood Recovery in Driftwood, Texas, you can find relief from pain through a wide range of treatments and therapies. The road to comfort and health starts with you calling 866-426-4694 right away.