More than one-third of American adults suffer chronic pain, and many use prescription painkillers for relief. These prescription medications are highly addictive. Millions of Americans have a prescription painkiller addiction. Equally frightening, thousands of people suffer dependence on heroin as well. Overall, heroin use often stems from painkiller addiction.

A spilled pill bottle illustrates painkiller addictionHow Do You Know You Have Painkiller Addiction?

One of the biggest signs of a pain pill addiction is obsessing over your drug. If opioids are constantly on your mind, this means you obsess over them. Wondering when you can take your next dose and whether you have enough pills are two common thoughts people with opioid addiction go through.

In addition, tolerance is a sign of painkiller addiction as well. If you constantly watch the clock to see when you can take your next dose, you may be tolerant. This also means you need to take more of the drug to feel the same effects.

Addiction is a physical and psychological disease. Therefore, if you suffer painkiller addiction, you’ll use the drug despite outstanding circumstances. People you love may nag you about your pill use, and maybe you miss work or neglect responsibilities. These are all signs of a problem.

Using More Than Your Doctor Prescribes

Using more pills than your doctor prescribes is a sign of possible pain pill addiction. Rationalizing this increased dosage is common. For example, people tell themselves their doctor doesn’t understand the extent of their pain.

If you try to manage your painkiller doses differently than your doctor prescribes, this is a sure sign of a problem. Some people stockpile pills by stretching the time between doses, then take multiple doses at once. Controlling your painkiller use in ways that go against your doctor’s orders is an example of addictive behavior.

Doctor Shopping

For those who abuse prescription medications, eventually, the prescription runs out. However, you may feel you need more to feed your addiction. But your doctor prescribes you enough to last, so he or she will not give you another prescription. So then what do you do?

When you try to find a second, third, or fourth doctor to prescribe more painkillers, you likely have a problem. Anytime you do something that doesn’t align with your doctor’s prescription and course of treatment, there’s a reason for concern.

Unfortunately, some people seek doctors operating what are known as pill mills. Pill mills are clinics with liberal prescription policies. These facilities operate on the fringes of ethical medicine, at best. In the street drug community, word spreads quickly about these places. Thus, people who go to them usually know they will leave with more pills than an ethical doctor can give them.

You Get More Painkiller Pills Elsewhere

There are other ways to stock up on pills. If you do any of these, you likely suffer pain medication addiction. The signs of a problem include:

  • Buying pills over the Internet
  • Stealing other people’s prescription medications
  • Forging prescriptions using a stolen prescription pad
  • Buying your pills on the street
  • Purposefully injuring yourself to get another prescription

Getting Help with Driftwood Recovery

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