Identifying a marijuana addiction can be difficult, specifically for someone who doesn’t abuse the drug themselves. If you suspect that a friend or loved one is addicted to marijuana, there are certain warning signs that can indicate a problem. If your loved one does indeed have an addiction, it might be time to seek help from a capable and top-rated marijuana addiction rehab facility before the problem spirals out of control. Treatment programs that include empathetic addiction counseling give individuals the best opportunity to achieve lasting sobriety.

Is Marijuana Addiction Dangerous?

Marijuana addiction may not appear in the ways you would imagine. Compared to other drugs, addiction experts consider marijuana side effects to be relatively mild. These effects can include feelings of euphoria, drowsiness, impaired reflexes, and increased appetite. While these effects aren’t life threatening, marijuana often acts as a gateway drug to other more potent substances like cocaine and heroin.

Signs of Marijuana Addiction

Signs of Marijuana AddictionIf you need help identifying a marijuana addiction in a friend, loved one, or even yourself, pay attention to the warning signs. They can indicate a real problem that requires medical treatment at a quality substance abuse facility.

Signs of marijuana addiction can include:

  • Inability to stop or limit how often you use marijuana
  • Reduced interest in activities that take away from your opportunity to use marijuana
  • Choosing marijuana over relationships, activities, and other instances
  • Spending large amounts of time getting high
  • Failing to meet personal and professional obligations due to marijuana use
  • Having bloodshot eyes
  • Decreased interest in self-hygiene practices

If you recognize any of these signs, your friend or loved one might very well need help for a marijuana addiction problem.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Texas

At Driftwood Recovery in Driftwood, Texas, we offer guests the chance to heal and recover away from real world stress. Our 85-acre ranch land property provides a safe, confidential, and relaxed setting where guests can focus solely on drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Making the choice to get clean is a courageous decision, and our team of trained medical professionals is eager to help individuals through each step of the recovery process.

Our proven therapy approaches include:

Our 12 Step focused treatment program has worked for thousands of people just like you or your loved one. It can put you on the path to lasting sobriety if you’re ready to commit to getting clean.

Putting an End to Addiction

If your loved one is ready to tackle his or her addiction, our team of medical professionals is ready to help. Driftwood Recovery has everything individuals need to overcome addiction and learn the important life skills. For more information on our programs, and to get started on this incredible opportunity, call us today at 866-426-4694.