Many people struggling with a heroin addiction started out with an intense painkiller habit. For those on the outside of the substance abuse problem, it’s hard to understand why their loved ones chase the euphoric high. For those on the inside, it translates into a habit-forming experience that quickly turns into a vicious cycle. However, the right heroin addiction rehab can help them break free.

An Effective Treatment Setup for a Broad Range of Client Demographics

Woman Struggling with Heroin AddictionFor the majority of program participants, a residential setting is the best route to getting well. By living at the facility, you ensure safe surroundings conducive to healing. If your living situation includes individuals who aren’t supportive of your plans, it’s even more beneficial.

However, there are situations when an intensive outpatient setting may be a better option. When you can’t get away from professional, social, or family obligations, this type of program still affords you access to high-quality therapy.

Another consideration is your home environment and level of motivation. A highly motivated individual with a strong desire to stop using and an equally strong support network can do well.

Some clients developed a heroin addiction because of past or present opioid pain pill use. In this situation, enrolling in a pain recovery program is necessary to overcome the need for opioids. Unless you have the opportunity to manage your pain differently, there’s a good chance that you’ll fall victim again.

Behavioral Therapies Provide Highly Effective Heroin Addiction Treatments

Individual and group therapy settings are staples in professional drug and alcohol abuse treatments. Whether you’ve chosen an inpatient rehab or intensive outpatient program, most facilities will offer a range of therapy approaches that include:

Because some of these therapy sessions involve group settings, you’ll begin forming a positive peer group. In the future, these types of individuals assist with relapse prevention. For the duration of your rehab experience, they’ll also help you hone your interpersonal skills.

Group therapy, in particular, is vital for people struggling with an addiction who isolated themselves from others.

Since substance abuse can be a very lonely way of life, this reversal may seem a bit overwhelming at first. Therapists assist you to ease into the experience with expertly led groups that vary in size. Moreover, these groups reinforce positive self-talk and seek to minimize judgment and self-condemnation. They’re vital to your future relapse prevention.

Help Is a Phone Call Away

If you or a loved one is struggling with a heroin addiction, don’t lose another day to the drug. At Driftwood Recovery, friendly therapists are standing by and ready to help you overcome substance abuse and start healing. It’s never too late to seek our transformative addiction treatment programs. Call 866-426-4694 today for immediate assistance!