People in Texas might experiment with crack cocaine under the notion that it won’t harm them. They simply don’t know how the drug affects the body. Before they realize it, they develop an addiction and can’t stop taking the drug. However, they can get help at a crack addiction rehab center.

About Crack Addiction

A man injecting crack needs a crack addiction rehab center in txCrack cocaine is the result of dissolving powdered cocaine in water with baking soda or ammonia. Between crack and powdered cocaine, crack is cheaper, more abundant, and more dangerous.

When people smoke crack, it enters their bloodstream via their lungs. It produces a faster and more powerful high than snorting powdered cocaine. However, it also wears off quicker, usually in five to 10 minutes. Because of that, people smoke it more often than they snort it to extend the high.

Although crack produces short-term effects, the drug can stay in the body for several days. It works on the central nervous system to increase dopamine levels. This chemical controls the reward and pleasure center in the brain.

When there’s too much dopamine, the brain suffers a chemical imbalance. After the crack leaves the body, the brain doesn’t know how to function unless people smoke more. Intense cravings can manifest, leading them to do whatever it takes to get more crack.

These events are signs that people need help from a crack addiction rehab center. However, many other signs or symptoms include:

  • Bad breath
  • No interest in eating or sleeping
  • Trouble staying still
  • Paraphernalia such as metal straws or small spoons
  • Dry nose and mouth

Qualities of a Good Crack Addiction Rehab Center

When it comes to finding a crack addiction rehab center in TX, people need to look for specific qualities. Not all treatment facilities are the same, but it’s possible to recognize which ones offer reliable care.

Accredited Facility, Licensed Staff

One of the first things that people should look for in a crack addiction rehab center is accreditation. The Joint Commission is one example of an accreditor. Along with having a state license to provide addiction treatment, having this credit demonstrates the facility’s commitment to high-quality care. The accreditor holds the center to higher standards than the state and issues guidelines for improvements.

Having licensed staff members with the training to treat addiction is also important. A rehab center with accreditation has certified staff. It’s one of the accreditor’s requirements. People can also check on the facility’s website and those of the appropriate organizations to confirm the staff’s licenses.

Customized Care, Variety of Treatments

A crack addiction rehab center in TX must tailor each treatment plan according to each person’s needs. This level of care should also include a range of treatment options.

First of all, people recover from crack addiction at different rates. Some simply need more time than others and different styles of care to overcome the disease. Offering residential and different levels of outpatient rehab allows a facility to cater to those needs. Being able to customize the treatment with a variety of therapies expands on that ability.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a popular treatment because it addresses several aspects of addiction. Contingency management is a strategy that rewards people when they achieve certain goals. Holistic care such as aquatic and nutrition therapies are also essential during drug treatment. Along with improving overall well-being, these methods reduce stress and enhance focus.

Ongoing Support

A good crack addiction rehab center in TX provides ongoing support as well. People can feel overwhelmed if they simply transfer from residential rehab to normal life. Taking on life stressors all at once is a challenge, and cravings are likely to arise.

It’s important that they get ongoing support to stay sober. This support might come in the form of an aftercare program at the crack addiction rehab center. The facility might also help them arrange private therapy and participation in support groups.

Crack Addiction Treatment at Driftwood Recovery

Do you have a crack cocaine addiction and want help to overcome it? Driftwood Recovery is a pain and addiction treatment center in Texas. We want to help you overcome your disease so that you can be drug-free.

At Driftwood Recovery, we have accreditation from The Joint Commission and licensed staff members. We also provide customized treatment plans using a range of counseling methods. Some examples of our substance abuse programs include:

Don’t let crack prevent you from having the life that you want. You can still achieve success if you enroll in a crack addiction rehab center that offers quality care. Contact Driftwood Recovery at 866-426-4694 to learn more about our facility.