Breaking out of the drug abuse cycle requires more than just getting sober. Because the goal is ongoing sobriety, you must discover the root causes of any substance issues. Case in point is cocaine addiction rehab. Learn why it’s one of the most difficult drugs to stay away from.

Understanding Cocaine’s Effect against the Backdrop of Brain Chemistry

Man Struggling with Cocaine AddictionCocaine is a stimulant drug. While users typically snort the drug, they can also inhale or inject the substance as well. Once it enters the bloodstream, it quickly affects the brain’s reward center, which releases dopamine.

Because dopamine floods the bloodstream so quickly, it generates high rates of euphoria. It’s why cocaine users feel so strong and invincible. However, that invincibility is often short lived.

Within 10–90 minutes, users generally crash. At that point, they typically start binging and ingesting more cocaine. This cycle continues for a few hours, making it easy to see how quickly individuals can build up a high cocaine tolerance and become susceptible to addiction.

A cocaine addiction begins when the brain’s reward center no longer releases dopamine without chemical aid. No longer feeling great, the user now feels a depression that seems overwhelming whenever they’re not high. They may lack energy and stamina. Suddenly unsure about how to face life without the substance, drug use seems like it’s the only answer. It’s fair to say that the person now experiences both a physical and psychological addiction to the drug.

How Cocaine Addiction Traps Users

Those who attempt to quit will undoubtedly experience tremendous cravings. These continue long after users break their physical dependence to the substance. When you consider how cocaine succeeds in actively rewriting brain chemistry, it makes sense that cravings last. In fact, some recovering cocaine users warn that cravings can come on even after years of sobriety.

Overcoming the Addiction

Fortunately for those struggling with cocaine addiction, Driftwood Recovery in Texas offers a way out of cocaine addiction. We offer high-quality addiction treatment programs that try to help people with an addiction find out why they use. Because addiction is a disease, achieving sobriety is more than just letting go of a bad habit. It has everything to do with unearthing reasons for addictive tendencies and then supporting the decision not to use.

While we offer multiple levels of care, our clients have found that our residential treatment program is one of the most successful ways to overcome cocaine addiction. Our program focuses on the “why” of addiction, and gives clients the courage to say, “No more.” We use various therapeutic approaches to accomplish this, including:

Get Help for Your Cocaine Addiction Today!

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