At Driftwood Recovery, we realize that recovery is a lifelong process. To help clients continue their path to sustainable recovery, our extended care program at Riverside can help those struggling with substance abuse, chronic pain and co-occurring disorders transition to life in recovery and turn insight into action.

The Philosophy of Our Extended Care Program

While individuals live at Riverside, our goal is to help them co-create and develop purpose-filled lives in recovery. Our highly experienced, multidisciplinary team is resourceful in meeting the diverse needs of our residents.

At Riverside, “individualized” is not just a word. We take the time to develop an understanding relationship with our residents, providing the care and support they need as they embark on their recovery journey. We focus on improving functioning in key areas of life, such as maintaining sobriety, strengthening relationships family and friends, and discovering meaningful roles in the community. Recovery requires courage and commitment to define a life with new insights, skills and supports. 

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Our extended care program teaches individuals the skills necessary to thrive in recovery. Residents stay in our historic home located in central Austin. This provides an excellent launch pad for becoming part of the Austin recovery community. Riverside is committed to giving residents the opportunity to work with a sponsor, attend self-help meetings, and find the joy in recovery through sober community activities.


Connection to purpose and people are drivers of a courageous recovery. Our various programs help individuals delve deeply into their values, personality, interests and aptitudes to co-create an individualized plan for obtaining work, school or volunteer connections in the community. This process involves counseling, assessing and co-creating goals and plans, and providing the support needed to follow through on those goals.

During these recovery experiences, insights and rigors of treatment translate into real life action and transformations. From resident to student, from client to store clerk, a new sober, we help cultivate a new, thriving identity, encouraging individuals to begin viewing themselves in a positive way. 

About Driftwood Recovery’s IOP and PHP Programs

Clients completing residential treatment at Driftwood Recovery are eligible for sober living at Riverside, as well as Driftwood Recovery’s intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs to promote continued growth in recovery.

Residents in our IOP program participate in activities, group and individual sessions up to five days a week. The outpatient phase of the continuum of care is for six weeks or longer if deemed necessary.

Our PHP program provides intensive clinical support in both individual and group sessions. Licensed clinicians on staff at Driftwood interact with the clients/residents, providing therapeutic support and guidance to the recovery process.

Even if individuals didn’t complete residential treatment at Driftwood Recovery, they may be eligible to participate in Riverside’s extended care program and/or Driftwood’s IOP/PHP Program, based on availability and other qualifying factors.

True addiction and chronic pain recovery is an ongoing process. For more information on continuing your recovery journey with Riverside or Driftwood Recovery, call us today at 866-426-4694.