A young man receives mental health treatmentOften, mental health treatment is crucial to the addiction recovery process. This is why facilities specialize in treating co-occurring disorders. Above all, mental illnesses are the leading cause of relapse. Therefore, when an addiction treatment center doesn’t treat your mental illness symptoms, you might not reach successful recovery. First, it’s important to understand the most common mental illnesses and how they initially lead to addiction.

Why You Need Mental Health Treatment

Frequently, mental health disorders are the leading cause of addiction because many people resort to self-medicating rather than seeking professional help. Thus, most symptoms develop between the ages of 14 and 24. When they arise, a person may feel lost, alone, and afraid of what’s happening. However, rather than finding treatment, they often turn to alcohol to cope with the following common mental illnesses:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar disorder

The human brain learns with context-dependent memory. Therefore, each time you use alcohol or drugs to numb mental illness symptoms, the habit grows stronger. Your brain begins believing that the only solution to feeling bad is drinking or using drugs. Eventually, these substances make your symptoms far worse. By this point, you may have lost control of your substance abuse. Above all, you need help overcoming your mental illness because triggers which initially led to addiction, remain, once you’re sober. This can quickly throw you back into the throes of addiction.

What Is Mental Health Treatment?

Furthermore, when you go to a quality facility specializing in co-occurring disorder treatment, professionals treat your addiction and mental illness separately. You’ll go through different forms of evidence-based therapy to help you understand how to overcome your mental illness symptoms. Most importantly, you should never feel shame over your internal struggle. Eventually, your symptoms will become less severe. In this way, treatment gives you the proper tools to handle anxiety, depression, and other problematic symptoms.

Additionally, some people prefer holistic methods to ensure they don’t become dependent on different medications during recovery. Fortunately, holistic methods help strengthen your chances for reaching lasting sobriety. Studies show simple health benefits including exercise, nutrition, and meditation help alleviate many mental illness symptoms.

Support in Mental Health Treatment

Overall, mental illness can be very isolating. Many people often feel alone and misunderstood. Fortunately, when in treatment, you’ll be surrounded by peers and advocates for your recovery. Aside from the help you’ll receive from passionate, caring staff members, you’ll find even deeper connections with those in the same boat. Having others around who support your recovery is one of the best ways to conquer your mental illness and addiction.

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