Taking the first steps to overcome a drug addiction is a courageous and bold decision. Searching for drug addiction treatment, however, can feel overwhelming, thanks to the sheer number of choices available. Pinpointing the most important aspects of leading-edge drug addiction treatment can help narrow the search.

Multiple Levels of Care

Woman Speaking with Counselor During Drug Addiction Treatment

No two Clients are the same, which means that no two Clients will follow the same recovery trajectory or have the same recovery needs. The best addiction treatment facilities will understand this and offer multiple levels of care.

Residential programs are often the ideal place to start, offering 24/7 care and accountability. Some Clients may then progress to partial hospitalization programs or intensive outpatient programs, leaving at night for their own homes. Family education, therapy and support groups can complement these outpatient programs and offer comprehensive support systems to Clients.

Evidence-Based Drug Addiction Treatment Methods

The best drug addiction or substance abuse treatments will always focus on evidence-based methods. Medical experts and scientists believe these treatment methods have the highest chance for success. Effective methods may include group counseling and family therapy, two approaches that help create support systems and promote Client accountability.

Behavioral therapy can also provide long-lasting value in recovery. Cognitive behavioral therapy, for instance, explores an addiction’s root causes and works to prevent relapse. Dual diagnosis treatment has also been helpful, ensuring that Clients with co-occurring mental health and addiction issues get the help they need.

World-Class Amenities

Amenities aren’t merely extras in the recovery process. In reality, amenities can encourage Clients to begin treatment by showcasing an appealing side to the process. They also encourage social development, healthy hobbies development and regular physical exercise.

When considering drug addiction treatment, look for world-class amenities such as:

  • Fitness therapy
  • Meditation spaces
  • Pilates and yoga studio
  • Biking and hiking trails
  • Kayaking facilities
  • Adventure and ropes courses

Spacious Facilities and a Secluded Environment

The location and facility quality are two very important factors. First, look for facilities where there’s ample space, privacy when needed and a variety of on-campus activities. Second, consider facilities in secluded areas. Being out of major cities may make it easier for Clients to focus on recovery and be held accountable throughout the process.

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