When you suffer from chronic pain, you may find yourself taking painkillers to get through each day. While you’re not alone, there are more effective techniques for chronic pain management. The right addiction treatment programs can teach you the skills and techniques needed to achieve a new positive future.

How Specialists Can Help You with Chronic Pain Management

Man in Need of Effective Chronic Pain Management Programs

Professionals specializing in chronic pain management go beyond simply prescribing a painkiller. True pain management specialists know how to evaluate, diagnose and treat pain using a broader approach. This approach includes a variety of therapies that promote physical and mental recovery.

There are many causes of chronic pain. Pain can develop after surgery, an injury, nerve damage or metabolic conditions like diabetes. Pain may even be present without a clear source, such as in treatment for fibromyalgia.

Many medical practitioners hold onto the tired belief that prescribing painkillers is the best way to treat chronic pain. However, this quick-fix approach only leads to added problems for patients, including an opiate addiction. Many patients desperately seeking pain recovery also need substance abuse recovery.

The best programs will dig deep as they search for your pain’s underlying symptoms. Using various physical and behavioral therapies, they’ll provide you with a more complete diagnosis.

Finding the Right Chronic Pain Management Program

When seeking a quality chronic pain management program, it’s important to find well-trained and compassionate providers. Professionals specializing in pain management know that clients benefit from individualized treatment.

Psychological and emotional issues can contribute to chronic pain. When pain already exists from injury, trauma or other causes, despair over daily limitations can make it worse. Co-occurring conditions like depression can also feed continuing pain and create a cycle that requires both conditions to be treated simultaneously. If you suffer from chronic pain, you likely understand this emotional and psychological side to your ongoing problem.

The most complete treatment programs include individual and group behavioral therapies. They also teach life skills that will help you overcome or cope with your pain. Therapies specifically used in comprehensive chronic pain management programs include:

Facilities use these therapies and other techniques for chronic pain management in residential, intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization programs. These varying levels of care provide the focus and opportunity needed to effectively gain freedom from chronic pain and painkiller addiction.

Driftwood Recovery Helps You Learn How to Manage Your Pain

Driftwood Recovery in Driftwood, Texas, is a high-quality chronic pain management facility. With an 85-acre, amenity-rich environment, we provide the therapies, support and skills needed to effectively manage your pain. We can also address a co-occurring painkiller addiction that resulted from that pain.

Your life may seem bleak now, caught in the constriction of chronic pain. But at Driftwood Recovery, life begins again with freedom and hope against your struggles of the past. Call us today at 866-426-4694 to take the first step toward recovery.