Addiction recovery can be a serious challenge, and the road to lasting sobriety should contain evidence-based approaches like behavioral therapy and group counseling. However, there’s no denying that alternative therapies can also boost success and improve health. Explore the many ways that yoga therapy can promote recovery for those attempting to overcome addiction.

Yoga Therapy Can be a Coping Mechanism for Stress

Woman Participating in Yoga Therapy

Stress can be a major trigger for relapse, and a tremendous obstacle during addiction recovery. Clients need their own means of relieving stress and releasing tension. Yoga can do both.

Yoga involves repetitive breathing, physical exercise and stillness. Each of these things can contribute to peace of mind, providing a healthy way to regularly cope with with stress.

Yoga Therapy Can Help Clients Find Spirituality

Spiritual development is often part of an effective addiction treatment program’s curriculum. While religion and spirituality aren’t necessary for sobriety, they can often help Clients achieve personal fulfillment, meaning or purpose in life. Because it has an undeniable spiritual component, yoga therapy can often fill that void

Yoga’s Fitness Aspect May be Key to Recovery

Don’t overlook yoga’s physical benefits. Although yoga therapy can range from basic, simple movements to intense, challenging positions, it always contains an element of physical fitness.

Exercise has long been considered a tool in the fight against addiction and chronic pain. It can improve health and lead to recovery by:

  • Increasing circulation to lower blood pressure
  • Improving mental functions
  • Lowering the chance of depression
  • Reducing cravings
  • Improving certain mental health conditions

Yoga Therapy Emphasizes Routine

Establishing healthy routines can replace unhealthy, problematic past choices. Yoga therapy helps develop a regular schedule. Many Clients practicing yoga do so daily, which can help improve their flexibility and strength. More importantly, it’s a reliable, consistent coping technique used to ward off potential relapse.

Yoga Therapy is a Way to Start Honoring and Respecting the Body

While individuals struggle with addiction, they put their bodies under tremendous stress. There are often overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame, inconsistent sleep patterns, improper nutrition and a lack of exercise. Yoga therapy can turn that all around.

At Driftwood Recovery in Driftwood, Texas, evidence-based treatment methods supplemented by yoga therapy can help you achieve lasting sobriety. During treatment, yoga can serve as the catalyst for further healthy change.

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