A man undergoes individual therapyOvercoming substance abuse is a major accomplishment. Often, people need an individual treatment program to do so. These sessions provide the necessary tools to fight cravings and relapse. In addition, counseling plays an important part in the treatment of substance abuse and addiction. Individual therapy helps many people understand the root of their addictive behaviors and adjust themselves to achieve lasting sobriety.

Why Individual Therapy Is Important

Addiction is more than a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, mental and social triggers may still be present after going through detox. These are powerful motivations that cause relapse. Examples include:

• Environmental cues like visiting an old neighborhood
• Spending time with family and friends who still use alcohol or drugs
• Symptoms of persistent pain

These factors create a strong desire to use again. However, substance abuse and addiction therapy helps you learn how to withstand these temptations. A quality addiction treatment center will design the right program for your individual needs. This is extremely helpful especially when you also have an underlying medical condition like depression, bipolar disorder, or chronic pain.

While group therapy incorporates a peer setting, individual counseling is an intervention program in which the Client and a therapist have one-on-one sessions. These meetings enable you to focus more on your individual problems. Overall, this allows you to dig deeper and progress faster. Additionally, individual therapy sessions can help you learn how to build trust and form healthy relationships.

Types of Treatment

There are several different approaches to individual therapy. The treatment you receive depends on various factors. These include current treatment standards, your counselor’s experience, and what works best for your specific situation.

Furthermore, treatment is a mutual effort. You’ll work with your therapist during the process to change your negative behaviors. This requires your active participation at all times. Your therapist may use several therapeutic methods to obtain the best outcome. These include:

Acceptance commitment therapy boosts your mental and emotional health so that you can positively handle stress
Cognitive behavioral therapy identifies and changes negative thoughts or beliefs
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy improves healing the symptoms and emotional distress that result from trauma
Family counseling helps you rebuild important relationships

Overall, the counseling sessions may be gender-specific or faith-based depending on what’s important to you. Working with a counselor who shares your religious or cultural views may make you feel more comfortable and willing to share.

Compassionate Care Is Just a Phone Call Away

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