A mother and daughter embrace during family therapyAfter enrolling in rehab, people spend a lot of time going through diverse therapy. These counseling sessions are important. However, some therapeutic methods are more beneficial than others. Family therapy is a crucial part of gaining the proper support throughout your recovery process.

What Is Family Therapy?

As the name suggests, family therapy (FT) is counseling involving loved ones. It’s unique because it includes integral people from outside the rehab facility. Other treatment methods, like group therapy, only involve rehab peers.

Overall, the goal of FT is to strengthen relationships within the family. Often, addiction strains relationships and causes tension and discord. Thus, FT helps repair these bonds, allowing the healing process to begin.

Additionally, it’s important to note that FT doesn’t only involve biological family members. It can involve friends, religious leaders, former teachers, or any other advocates for recovery. Generally, anyone who has a close relationship with the Client may join FT.

Improving Communication

There are many benefits to family therapy. For example, its focus on improving communication between family members makes everyone better at solving personal relationship conflicts.

Often, addiction makes family members defensive. This negatively affects productive communication. Therefore, during FT families develop problem-solving skills to improve discussions during times of crisis. Above all, keeping an open line of communication is important for dealing with addiction problems between loved ones.

In order to reopen this communication line, therapists find the turmoil that initially broke healthy relationships. Regarding drug abuse, the addiction causes most of the trouble. However, finding the real source of the problem goes beyond this. Therefore, therapists have to discover specific events that broke family trust.

Being Accountable

FT also requires accountability from loved ones. Members of the family must fully understand how their interactions and behaviors impact one another. It’s easy for family members to assume the substance abuser is the problem. However, it’s important for them to take responsibility for their own actions as well.

In fact, problems in the home are the main reasons why teens and young adults start using. Addressing these underlying issues in order to get to the root cause of addiction is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships.

However, FT isn’t about placing blame on one person. Often, it takes more than one person to allow communication to break down. Therefore, FT isn’t so much about blame as it is about addressing it.

Building a Support System

Fortunately, effective family therapy leads many to develop other healthy support systems. Many people with addiction feel they can no longer count on their family. It’s usually reassuring learning they still have loved one support.

Keep in mind, however, that FT doesn’t begin working overnight. Like other therapeutic methods, it requires multiple sessions before real progress occurs.

Driftwood Recovery Can Guide You to Sobriety

Addiction is a difficult problem to navigate. It’s good to have additional wisdom and guidance during these troubled times. At Driftwood Recovery in Driftwood, Texas, we offer comprehensive, multifaceted drug addiction treatment for your individual needs. The diverse programs we employ include:

Residential treatment
Family program
Intensive outpatient program
Extended care
Group therapy

Beyond the standard therapy, we offer holistic care as well. For example, we invite all of our Clients to participate in our yoga therapy program. Yoga helps reduce stress and keeps many feeling healthier. Breathe in. Breathe out. Recover.

Don’t let addiction ruin your family relationships. Let Driftwood Recovery guide you down the path to recovery. Call 866-426-4694 to begin today.