Overcoming addiction can be a challenging ordeal, but there are ways that people can increase their chances of beating addiction. For example, studies show that behavioral therapy is an excellent option. Knowing the characteristics of effective addiction therapy can help people get more out of the rehab experience.

Why Behavioral Therapy Is Important During Addiction Treatment

Therapist Leading Client Through Behavioral TherapyBehavioral therapy can play a major role in addiction treatment, but many people don’t know why. Research proves that this type of therapy:

  • Reduces stress
  • Teaches environmental cues
  • Builds a social network

Therapists at professional substance abuse treatment facilities work with clients to get to the root cause of their addictions. Understanding the cause makes it easier for therapists to develop a custom treatment plan for each individual. It also helps patients learn about the specific triggers that can lead to relapse. Therapy also gives people coping measures to make dealing with unexpected triggers easier.

Characteristics of Behavior Therapy

Effective behavior therapy incorporates three major areas: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), social learning therapy, and applied behavior analysis.

To better understand the characteristics of behavioral therapy, it’s important to know the defining characteristics. For example, CBT reinforces the idea that people’s thoughts determine their behavior. This idea differs from other types of therapy that believe external influences shape people’s behaviors and emotions.

The goal of CBT is not only to counsel people but also to give them tools to rationalize their thoughts. CBT aims to help people even after therapy. It’s a major reason why so many rehab centers use CBT.

CBT follows an evidence-based model of therapy. This model follows the idea that people learn most of their behavioral responses from outside influences. Thankfully, CBT helps people relearn behavioral responses with the overall goal of replacing negative thoughts and behaviors.

Why Do Many Rehab Centers Offer CBT?

With so many different types of therapy, why is CBT the most common? Most rehab centers use it because of how quickly people see results. In general, studies show that CBT starts showing results in around 16 sessions. This timeline is much quicker than any other type of therapy.

Sometimes CBT therapists give their clients homework or work to do outside of therapy to speed up the process. Once the clients understand that their thoughts shape their behaviors, it’s easier for them to help themselves.

Let Driftwood Recovery Show You the Way

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