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A woman looks at peace because Driftwood Recovery is dethroning the reign of opiates in chronic pain recovery

Dethroning the Reign of Opiates in Chronic Pain Recovery: Unhook from Prescription Culture and Take Recovery Into Your Own Hands

January 2018
A man smiles because he is no longer stuck in a rut thanks to Driftwood Recovery

4 Keys to Bounce Out of a Rut

October 9, 2017
A woman looks frazzled as she deals with anxiety and chronic pain at Driftwood Recovery

My Advice on How to Cope with the Cyclical Relationship Between Anxiety and Chronic Pain

October 5, 2017
A counselor comforts a client during a mental health screening at Driftwood Recovery

The Las Vegas Shooting Through the Eyes of a Mental Health Expert

October 4, 2017
A couple hugs and smiles because they are happy they learned about boundaries and relationships at Driftwood Recovery

What’s Love Got to Do With It? Boundaries and Relationships

September 27, 2017
A woman hugs her knees during therapy at Driftwood Recovery that will help her in developing purpose out of grief and loss

Developing Purpose out of Grief and Loss

September 20, 2017
A woman looks out the window pondering the relationship between overdose and culture

The Intersection of Overdose and Culture – How We are Part of the Problem

August 31, 2017
A pill bottle of opiods

Dethroning the Reign of Opiates in Chronic Pain Recovery

August 29, 2017
A young woman is comforted by a psychologist

Treatment in the Eye of the Storm – Eyewitness Account

August 29, 2017