Whether or not you or your loved one is considering Driftwood Recovery as a treatment option, our goal is to help as many people as possible with the recovery process. In addition to our comprehensive programs within our high-quality addiction and pain rehab center, we also offer various recovery resources to aid in your courageous journey.

Full Continuum of Care

For those choosing Driftwood for treatment, we offer a full continuum of care to help reintegrate residents back into their daily environment with the foundation and tools necessary for long-term recovery. Our programs include:

Upon completing any of the above treatment options, we can help residents establish aftercare plans to ease their transition back into society. After completion of select treatment programs, Driftwood offers our Riverside Extended Care Program.


Far too often, the family and friends of someone struggling with addiction are left responsible for getting their loved one into the proper treatment center. Thanks to their vast industry experience, our treatment team has forged working relationships with certified interventionists all over the country. If you’re considering an intervention for your loved one, we always suggest consulting with one of our professionals to determine the safest and best approach.

Transportation to Treatment

Getting someone in a state of crisis to the proper treatment center can be difficult. However, getting your loved one the necessary treatment should be your top priority. Driftwood can team you with professionals who specialize in viable treatment transportation options.

Family Resources

Addiction is often referred to as a family disease because it encroaches on those closest to the person struggling. Driftwood offers a transformational family program as part of our continuum of care. We can refer families for group and individual counseling while their loved one gets better.

For more information on any of our programs or recovery resources, call Driftwood today at 866-426-4694.