“What should I bring with me?”

Driftwood’s friendly Admission’s professionals can provide a list of what to bring for each residential treatment Client.

“How do you determine if someone needs treatment?”

Our experienced clinical professionals are trained to assess prospective patients over the phone.

“What treatment is best for me?”

Prior to developing a treatment plan, Driftwood administers a professional assessment to assist in placing a person into the proper level of care and type of treatment.

“How much does treatment cost?”

Due to our various levels of care, we conduct the assessment prior to discussing the financial implications of treatment.

“Will my insurance cover treatment?”

Driftwood is happy to help verify your insurance benefits and discuss the possibility of insurance covering treatment fees.

“Am I allowed to smoke?”

We offer designated smoking areas for residents.

If you have further questions about addiction or chronic pain treatment, call 866-426-4694 today.