Here at Driftwood Recovery, we understand that part of the recovery process is also mental assistance and that’s why we offer a wide range of addiction therapies to assist in the healing process. Often the best way to help with addiction recovery is to provide a safe space in which the participant feels comfortable and relaxed enough to share any feelings and thoughts that may be preventing or hindering the healing process that is often required for recovery of addictions.

Addiction therapy services help our patients to learn more productive methods of staying clean and not placing one’s self in risky situations. The stress of addiction recovery alone is hard as it is, but when faced with issues outside of the rehab environment that could pose trouble or concern, it’s always good to have back up knowledge and skills on what to do to stay sober and prevent relapse. Driftwood Recovery offers the standard behavioral therapy and even group therapy that help to educate on various aspects of recovery.

We offer the following addiction therapies: