Often, addiction treatment focuses exclusively on the physical symptoms of substance abuse. In reality, the factors that lead to addiction are complex. This is why a holistic recovery center is an ideal way to successfully recover from drug or alcohol abuse. Explore the benefits of holistic treatment and what a facility like this has to offer residents.

A woman breathes deeply at a holistic recovery centerExploring Underlying Problems

For many illnesses, treating physical symptoms first is often a priority. However, when treating substance use disorders, the underlying motivations for addictive behavior often aren’t as obvious. Addiction can cause various problems, many of which are psychological or internal. A holistic recovery center is one that acknowledges this and works to dig deeper in order to address underlying issues.

For some residents, stress management is a major concern. When stress levels rise, many people turn to drugs and alcohol for relief. By providing residents with coping mechanisms for stress, it’s much easier to avoid temptation and potential relapse.

Additional underlying issues include a trauma and mental illness history. These aren’t physical symptoms, however, they deserve treatment. A truly holistic approach ensures all residents get comprehensive care and support throughout recovery programs.

Comfort as a Priority

It’s no secret that rehab and recovery are challenging. However, there’s no need to suffer unnecessarily. Overall, a holistic approach to healing is ideal.

Prioritizing comfort benefits each and every resident. Instead of worrying about doing laundry or preparing meals, addiction counselors can handle these tasks. Enjoying a delicious and nutritious meal allows you to fully focus on getting better.

Comfortable accommodations can also enhance the recovery process. If residents are able to truly unwind, any lingering withdrawal symptoms or discomfort aren’t as noticeable.

Targeted and Comprehensive Care for Every Individual Resident

The best holistic recovery includes a treatment plan. If there are too many patients and not enough staff, residents won’t get the same level of individualized care.

When there is as many staff as there are residents, holistic treatment is more likely to work. A great staff-to-resident ratio allows everyone to focus on their day-to-day needs.

Amenities That Boost Overall Wellness

Health and wellness involve more than staying sober. Residents should be able to enjoy health, fulfillment, and personal development. Amenities at a holistic recovery center, both onsite and throughout the area, allow for these opportunities and many more.

For example, having access to fitness facilities makes it easier to stay active. Exercise can boost circulation and mood by producing endorphins. With plenty of staff available, residents receive individualized treatment.

Overcoming Substance Abuse at a Holistic Recovery Center Like Driftwood Recovery

At Driftwood Recovery, addiction treatment specialists help residents work towards total rehabilitation. This means maintaining sobriety and learning to prevent relapse, but it also involves much more. For example, amenities and various comprehensive therapies can enhance the experience. At Driftwood Recovery, you’ll have access to:

Group therapy
Family therapy
One-on-one psychotherapy
Chronic pain management

Everyone is different, and therefore, a holistic recovery center accommodates every unique individual. At Driftwood Recovery, residents recover from substance abuse in a comfortable, supportive environment. Call 866-426-4694 to take the next step toward successful sobriety with our help.